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Tell Elon Musk:
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Elon Musk is a visionary entrepreneur and technology industry leader. But even Elon Musk can be wrong. And he is very wrong on Donald Trump. Elon Musk has become one of Trump’s most prominent supporters, despite the fact that Trump’s policies directly contradict Musk’s core values, core values shared by Tesla customers and employees. Help us convince Elon to do the right thing. Help us convince him to resign from Donald Trump’s business councils. Help us convince him to take the Hat Tweet Challenge and become a leader of the opposition to Donald Trump’s climate change policies. If he does we’ll donate $1 million to charity.

While you’re here, check out some of the donations Musk’s companies have made to the worst climate change deniers in Congress, including James Inhofe, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell, and consider whether Elon Musk’s success can possibly justify enabling both Donald Trump and James Inhofe.

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A Tesla Owner Speaks Out

More owners and buyers and shareholders speak out

"I'm a Tesla shareholder - we need you to uphold the values your customers share and break all ties with Trump."
Randa Solick
"I'm a shareholder, but not for long, if Elon keeps courting the reactionary egomaniac...known as The President."
Mary Leichliter
"I bought a model S last July. I was shocked that Musk is getting chummy with the denier in chief... Stupid move."
Joel Levine
"Hi Elon, I am on my second S90D. I was considering moving up to the S100D. I have orders in for two 3's. I am now reconsidering my choices. Donald Trump is the most dangerous individual in the world. Your view that you can change him is misguided and short sighted. Please reconsider and join the resistance. Please don't force me to find another means of traveling. Help protect my children their children and their children's children as well as the world."
Philip Kogan
"Dear Mr. Musk, I have been a fan and admirer of yours and your vision for many years. So much so that I ponied up almost $160,000 to buy my Model X. You see, I am an avid environmentalist and a citizen very much concerned with climate change. That is why it puzzles and greatly disappoints me to see that, rather than denouncing Trump's egregious environmental policies, you have chosen to be part of his team. I was looking forward to purchasing a Model S to go with my Model X, but will no longer be doing that. You can't have it both ways, it destroys your credibility."
Veronica McClaskey
"I have been an admirer of you since I have seen your business progress for the betterment of humanity for a long time. But, I am extremely disappointed that you have decided to be a part of Trump's team who has not only shown a total disregard for the environment but has actually directed policies in detriment of all our lives. I hope that you not only recuse yourself from participating in Trump's Advisory Council but join the growing list of people that are trying to resist Trump's very damaging policies. The "Greater Good" will always be there is how you reach it what matters. I assume that you are where you are because of your ethical and moral composition made you attractive to a lot of investors that believe in your cause. Please do not betray that trust. If you choose not to leave Trump's Council, I will choose to opt out of buying a Tesla 3 model. I hope to hear from you soon."
Arturo Velasquez
"Dear Elon, My name is Wendy Noreña. I am on the waitlist for a Tesla Model 3. I believe climate change is one of the most important problems facing humanity. One of the reasons I signed up for a Tesla is to participate in the fight against climate change. Donald Trump is a disaster for climate change. His policies will result in massive additional emissions of greenhouse gases. Trump’s climate change policies are contrary to my values, and, I hope, to yours as well. By remaining on Trump’s presidential councils, you are enabling Trump. Please stop. If you do not do so I will reconsider my willingness to buy your car and will be canceling my reservation before launch."
Wendy Noreña
"I have to decide whether I will purchase my first Tesla( which I am on a waiting list for), or stick with my Prius."
Sharon Torrisi
"I own 16 90d. Thinking about canceling my 3 orders."
Philip Kogan
"I was going to install a Tesla Battery powerwall but now will look at others . Elon dump Trump."
Malcolm Chew
"I am a Solar City customer. Elon, you can't work with Trump or sway him with any kind of reason. He will only act i his own short-term.interest"
Daniel Sola
"I was in the market to purchase a Tesla, but changed my mind due to Mr. Musk being part of the Trump's team. the upside is I saved 100k, the downside is I was looking forward to driving a Tesla."
Mark Arrington
"i'm signing this petition because as a tesla models S owner I'm embarassed to see Elon Musk in so bad company. I cancelled my model X reservation."
Marko Dobroschelski
"I'm a proud Volt owner considering a Tesla. I'm very excited about Tesla's solar roof plans. I'll not buy anything from Tesla is Musk keeps supporting Trump."
Liam Kimbell
"I own a 2016 Tesla Model X that cost me almost $160,000. I waited almost a year to get it. I figured it was worth the wait and cost because I believed in Elon's mission of fighting climate change. I feel betrayed. He has not spoken out about the horrific environmental policies of the Climate Change Denier- in - Chief, but rather has become part of the team. Betrayal. Everything I believed about Tesla and Elon's mission has turned out to be false. Sad....."
Veronica McClaskey
"I own Tesla stock and am extremely discouraged by Mr. Musk's involvement with/endorsement of the single most destructive president to EVER darken the doors of the White House!"
Scott Foster
"I cancelled my tesla 3 reservation due to Elon Musk's support and participation as a business advisor to the current administration"
Paul Howard
"Initially, I believed Elon's presence on the tech committee was potentially a good thing. I believed that if he had Trump's ear, he could influence him in a positive direction. That obviously has not happened. Apparently there is no influencing a man who has limited understanding or interest in science or the future of our planet. It's time for Mr. Musk to recognize this fact and stand up for what he believes in. If I don't see a change in his relationship with Trump, I too will cancel my order for the 3 and drop my shares of the company from my portfolio."
Sandy Bushberg
"I'm a tesla stock holder and I feel the exact same way!"
Kimberly Henriques
"I had a deposit on a new Tesla but cancelled purely out of my disgust with Elon's transfixion with the spectacle of Donald Trump. What does this say about Elon as a man, an entrepreneur and a humanist?"
Cynthia Robins
"As an owner of two Tesla, I am disappointed Elon Musk would consider any dealings with the Trump administration and the many initiatives they have started to attack clean energy industries and discredit climate change science."
Esteban Valiente
"I'm a TESLA stockholder and do NOT support Trump."
Lisa Morgan
"Anything or anyone who lends their credibility and clout to legitimize T-Rump will likely just get trumped in return. Neither Al Gore, nor Elon Musk had much/any influence or Scott Pruitt would not be running/ruining the EPA, Rick Perry the Energy Dept. he wanted to abolish, or an Exxon exec running State Department. Wake up and smell the carbon before I have to cancel my order for a Tesla 3!"
Betsy Rosenberg
"My sister was about to buy a Tesla. Not Now!"
Jim Saucedo
"I am a Solar City customer and cannot believe any thing Herr Drumph says. Back away so that we can impeach this idiot sooner!"
Leland Tyler
"While I understand Elon's desire to engage the devil inside the beast of the belly, I think it's a quixotic mission doomed for failure. #DumpTrump now before he becomes even more toxic. I'm also a Model 3 reservation customer and I believe in Tesla's mission to reduce carbon emissions and move to a sustainable energy future."
Todd Bianco
Ronald Demeritt
"I will not buy a Tesla now based on Musk poor taste in Political Associates. Will buy a VOLT"
Gary Vuchinich
"I'm disappointed in Elon MUSK! I cancelled my solar panels because of his "Brown Nosing" of the Orange Orangutan."
Jarrod Jones
"I own a tesla, on the list for model 3 and it's painful to see Musk, a visionary for a cleaner future associate with Trump!"
Jay Vaithilingam
"I won't be buying a Tesla while his support of Trump stands."
Chris Smith
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